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Jun 24 2012

Wear a Bandana – Become a Handyman

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In our home, there are lists of “I really need to do this” projects. My list consists of: “file years of neglected bills, organize photos, hang pictures on walls, donate unused things…” This list never gets done because I can always find something else “wash laundry, make dinner, plant flowers, go to the library” to fill my time. Lately, I have spent most of my time moving my flowers from here to there and watching Abby drive from here to there. Dale’s “I really need to do this” list is a bit more complicated. It includes time consuming costly repairs. Yesterday, he accomplished the “replace the front porch railing” task.  Gabe had bought Dale a bandana for father’s day, and I think it inspired him.

He put on the bandana and became a handyman.




Jun 19 2012

When In Virginia Beach

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My dear daughter turned 16 and to celebrate I took her and 4 friends for a getaway to Virginia Beach. We have lived in Virginia for 5 years. Yet, I had never been to the Virginia Beach boardwalk. I had stayed at nearby Sandbridge for a women’s retreat, but never visited Virginia Beach itself. I have no idea why it has taken me so long. I loved it.

We arrived well before our hotel room was available, and strolled down the 2.5 mile boardwalk. Half the boardwalk was set up with booths for the art show. It was fun to look at all the crazy art as well as the giant sculptures Virginia Beach has placed along the way. The wind was blowing quite strongly and carried the smell of funnel cake to propel Abby along. The funnel cake was delicious, but we all ended up splattered with powdered sugar. We were sugarblasted.

The waves were fierce and the red flags were up. The lifeguards spent the day whistling at people who attempted to go out too deep. The girls got pummeled by the waves and I sunburned the tops of my feet. The roar of the waves drowned everything out save the lifeguards whistles. I sat in my beach chair reading a book, watching the waves, as happy as could be.

Later we walked through the local shops full of “I Love Virginia Beach” t-shirts, henna tattoos, and hermit crabs. Virginia Beach is close to Norfolk Naval Station. There are very few sailors in the world without tattoos and everyone in Virginia Beach wants to join the tattooed crowd. Staying in our hotel were a group of wrestlers. Two of the guys were twins with Thing 1 and Thing 2 tattooed on their calves.

During my evening stroll down the beach, I received a call from Abby. “Mom, can I get a henna tattoo?” she asked.

When in Virginia Beach…

The Girl with the Flower Tatoo

The Girl with the Flower Tatoo

Jun 07 2012

Sheriff of the Dishes

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My children adhere to the prevalent belief that household chores were created to make them suffer. When summertime increases their “I’m bored – I have nothing to do” time, extra chores are added in to increase the level of complaining. Why murmur when one can grumble? Why grumble when one can whine? Why whine when one can complain? Why complain when one can throw a fit?

The Manry children have been reluctantly adjusting to their chore schedule and are dragging out the completion of chores as long as possible.

Except for Gabe.

Gabe wakes up at 7am, goes outside and mows the lawn, comes back inside and practices his piano, and then puts away the dishes. Gabe is usually done with all his chores by 1030am. Several days over the past two weeks, Gabe was finished with his chores before Josiah even woke up.

Gabe wants to get it done and get it over with, and the dish order is where he exerts his control. We have a small kitchen with only a few cabinets and the placement of the dishes in those cabinets has become Gabe’s domain.

Unfortunately, I have a more willy-nilly order of dish placement in both the dishwasher and the cabinets. It is all a bit haphazard. I inherited this haphazard dish placement from my mother who is not only haphazard but will make everyone’s cabinets haphazard when she comes to visit. Inevitably, our dishwasher haphazardness forces my daughter or my sister to rearrange the dirty dishes in a more sensible manner.

When Gabe took over emptying the dishwasher, he explained to me the new order of the silverware drawer. He went over it piece by piece informing me which spoons went this way and that way and which forks were allowed to be stacked on top. He slightly reordered the plates and glasses, but it was the coffee cups which drew his consternation. For those who don’t recall the blog behind our tagline “home is where the coffee cup is,” Dale’s coffee cup collection has been a source of marital dispute for some years.

With the coffee cups, Gabe decided to take matters into his own hands. He quizzed family members on which cups they actually used and then relocated the others to the basement shelves to join their banished brethren.

Being too short, Zeke could never see the cup menagerie in the kitchen cabinets and figured (quite reasonably) I had given all his special cups away. Lucky for him, he can see the basement cabinets and yesterday found his longed for Christmas cups. He brought them upstairs and proclaimed in excitement “Look what I found in the basement! My cups!”

“Put those back right now!” Gabe declared.

“Who are you?” Abby asked. “The Sheriff of the Dishes?”

Yes, in fact he is, so Abby made him a cardboard star proclaiming it.

If you happen to see a long haired 12 year old boy with a “Sheriff of the Dishes” star pinned to his shirt, I suggest you take the cup offered you and keep your peace.