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Dec 21 2013

2013 Christmas Photo

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Dec 14 2013

Hanging Lights and Hanging On

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Gabe wanted no assistance in the festive hanging of the lights.

First, he conducted a 5 minute search in the basement for the lights, until I informed him of their location in the living room.

Second, he conducted the plug in test and divided the lights into equal thirds: works, doesn’t work, and half of them work.

(Every year, two-thirds of the Christmas lights do not work or work only halfway. I can easily identify my neighbors who are also afflicted with this yearly disappointment. I admire their work while driving around. I feel the pain of the guy whose last set of icicles at the end of the porch blink while the rest of the icicles glow steadily. I understand the lady who wrapped almost her entire porch rail in lighted garland, but ran out before the end because the last strand just would not work and they don’t sell that kind anymore. I don’t judge the old guy whose line of lighted candy canes are all bent and falling over like the most depressing candy cane lane ever. At some point, we half committed Christmas light decorators just give up and say, “That’s the best I could do.” Finding the mythical bulb that will fix it, buying the correct length to cover it, and being persnickety until oohs and aahs are achieved is beyond us.)

Gabe adheres to a more simple principle: Do one thing right and leave the rest a mess.

I left him up a tree and returned home to darkness and a porch obstacle course of light piles, plastic bins, and tossed over chairs.

“What happened?” I asked.

(Dale refers to this episode as The Wrath of Mom.)

Gabe threw his hands up in the air and yelled “Mom!” in a fair imitation of Kirk’s “Khan!” and stomped outside.

Then, he plugged in the lights.

Dec 10 2013

Holly Jolly Songs

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Zeke playing saxophone at the elementary school concert:


Abby conducting the band at the high school band concert:


Dec 10 2013

Ways To Stay Warm

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What’s the best way to stay warm in winter?

Two cats or a ton of pellets?

Dec 09 2013

Iced Day

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