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Apr 30 2015

Chicken Rights

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Last weekend, Zeke and I traveled east for chicken and waffles. (This bizarre southern combination doesn’t quite work for me, but Gabe loves it.) We were delivering lilies that I had dug out of the ground last fall, piled underneath the redbud for the winter, and watched green up as Spring got under way.

“I really need to bring those lilies to Vanessa’s mom,” I said every time I walked past them these last 5 months.

Zeke was ready for adventure and gladly accompanied me to the house of creativity. The Weddings are brilliantly clever people who love to fabricate, learn, and build. The last time we visited, they had made the most ingenious chicken coop and were awash with chickens and eggs.

Unfortunately, the county has taken offense at their chickens and has required their removal. Zeke and Jillian spent the day enjoying the last bit of chicken time, before the chickens left the house of creativity for their new coop.

This action by the county has exasperated Vanessa enough to rise up and fight the man for chicken rights. We’re praying the fight is successful, so the chickens can return home once again.

Apr 28 2015

Time for a Shave

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Yesterday was Blaze’s yearly transformation from golden retriever to lab. The transformation makes me laugh every time, because he looks completely different when he emerges from the groomers.

Each time, I’m tempted to say (with a silly French accent), “That’s not my dog.”

A few years ago when I returned with Blaze from the groomers, my neighbor, Mike, asked me if I had gotten a new dog.

“I swear its a different dog, but my wife says it isn’t. I told her I’d bet my paycheck that you got a different dog,” he said.

“I know its hard to believe, but it is the same dog,” I replied.

“I guess I owe my wife a paycheck,” he groaned.

Apr 24 2015

Pleading With Jack Frost

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A few days ago, Mom told me she had snowflakes in the morning.

I laughed.

Tonight, they are predicting the possibility of patchy frost.

I’m not laughing.

The lilacs are still in their glory, the azaleas have opened, some roses have tiny buds, and the monster in the backyard, the wisteria, has awakened to take over the world.

Yesterday, I read this description of wisteria by Michael Dirr:

“Gardeners in the North labor intensely to successfully flower this species, while southerners with pruning equipment attempt to eradicate it. One gardener’s flower is another’s weed. Japanese wisteria is a wild, twining vine that crushes any plant or wooden structure in its path in a boa constrictor-like fashion.”

“It’s funny cuz it’s true.”

Today when I was wandering about with a ladder attempting to get a good picture of my giant azalea – It’s a few spots down from the massive forsythia and is determined to compete for size – I was pleading with Jack Frost to leave my garden be, even the wisteria.

After taking more photos than could ever be useful, I dragged the ladder back into the garage.

Once inside, I came back to my senses and decided prayer to God for above freezing temperatures would be a much more effective tactic.

Apr 22 2015

Bluebird House Hunting

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A few days ago, I looked down from my bedroom window onto the garden to see a male and female bluebird on a house hunting tour. They landed on the back porch rail and each took a turn flying into and out of the birdhouse hanging under the eave. Finding it unsuitable (the entrance hole is too large), they flew to the trees to resume their search for a new home.

Putting up bluebird houses is on my yearly garden to do list, but I have yet to accomplish it. It made my heart glad to see them on their tour, and I hope they found a lovely place to stay nearby.

Apr 20 2015

Mid Spring Bloom

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All the shrubs and trees in the garden are blooming in a hurry as if they don’t want to miss their spring party. The bridal veil, after years of a paltry showing bloomed this year with abandon. I used it in bouquets I made for a tea at church. I wanted to combine it with purple tulips, but all my tulips were red. I was sitting at the table thinking, “If only my lilacs were blooming…” Then, I looked over at my lilacs to see blooms opening on the very top of my largest bush.”Thank you, Lord,” I thought.

The morning of the tea, I was in the garden perched on top of a step stool cutting lilacs. (I feel compelled to give the neighbors something to talk about.) The other day, I heard the neighbor boy yell at his friend who was about to traipse through my front corner garden, “No! That’s the neighbors! I know them…They’re kinda weird.”

Does throwing ice cubes at the squirrel in the bird feeder (I never actually hit him), Gabe’s compulsion to bark back at their incessantly yippee dog, and me wearing a ventilation mask when I cleared the leaves off the beds this spring constitute weirdness?

Dines told me years ago that I had truly lost it when I started giving my plants pep talks.

But, how else will the bridal veil know my gratitude for its bloom this year?