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Mar 29 2011

Fast Food Shoe Swap

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It started on Sunday morning with”Zeke put on your shoes.”

Zeke promptly went to the closet and proceeded to put on a pair of shoes three sizes too big. “Those are not your shoes,” I said. “Yes, they are my shoes,” he replied. “No. They are not your shoes. They look like your shoes, but they are too big,” I insisted.

And thus the great shoe search commenced.

Not having the time (Since I was already late to Sunday School because I had been taking pictures of snow blossoms) to look for his correct shoes, Zeke wore the shoes three sizes too big to church. On Sunday we looked for the shoes. On Monday we looked for the shoes. Admittedly, my house consists mostly of various piles of stuff in this room and that room, on top of this and under that, here, there, and everywhere: a mess that is seldom under control.

Gabe had organized the shoe closet on Saturday and made piles of extra shoes for people to take to their rooms. I quizzed him on the various shoe extras that he had observed. My brain was thinking that somehow an old pair of Gabe’s shoes had gotten into the closet and Zeke had grabbed them when he couldn’t find his own. I was determined that Zeke’s shoes had to be somewhere in the house or the van or the car or the garage or on the porch.

Zeke continued to insist he had the correct shoes. The fact that the shoes fell off when he ran was not proof enough for him, so Gabe tried to reason with him. “Look at the shoe laces. There is NO WAY that your shoe laces were ever this long!” Zeke had recently learned to tie his shoes and when he needed help, Gabe was the one continually frustrated by Zeke’s excessively short laces.

Last night, I became so desperate in the shoe hunt, I asked Josiah if he had seen the shoes. He remarked that he remembered seeing them somewhere odd, but couldn’t remember where. I made Josiah look in all the odd places he could think of. (Having Josiah look for anything is truly absurd beyond belief, but when you’re desperate, you go against your better judgment.)

I could not find them, so I prayed for God’s help.

This morning, I went back to the events of Saturday. Dale had taken Zeke and Gabe to the Barber and then to lunch at the restaurant that all Manrys love. “Did you take your shoes off at the Barber?” I asked. “No,” Zeke answered. “Did you take your shoes off in the car?” I asked. “No, I looked in Dad’s car, they are not in there,” he said. “Did you go into the play place?” I queried. “Yes, but all the spots were taken, so I put them underneath and I put them back on when I was done.”

This morning I went to the restaurant. “Did any shoes get left in the play place?” I asked. “Yes, the manager said, “I was wondering how someone left without shoes on.”  “Oh, my son left with shoes on. He took the exact same shoes, only 3 sizes bigger,” I replied. She handed me Zeke’s shoes and I handed her the other pair. “If the poor child whose shoes we have taken returns, please give his mother my sincerest apologies. I pray they didn’t have to go and buy new shoes,” I told her regretfully.

In the Sunday comics, we read a strip called Sherman’s Lagoon which has a Dad, Mom, and Boy Shark family as three of the characters. The strip on Sunday showed the Mom Shark giving the Babysitter Shark instructions on dinner and emergency numbers as she was getting ready to go out. After she leaves, the Dad Shark walks into the panel with the Babysitter Shark who asks in confusion if he is staying home too. The Dad Shark asks what time dinner will be ready.

Instructions for the Dad #2653 “When your child goes into a play place and takes off his shoes, make sure he puts on his OWN shoes when you are ready to leave.”

Mar 28 2011

Four Eyes Fashionista

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Abby went off to the mall with her girlfriends and came home with her latest ridiculous purchase. It is not enough for her to have neon striped knee high socks and colorful suspenders, she has now purchased large fake glasses to wear. These large glasses look horrifyingly like the large glasses I was forced to wear throughout middle school to keep me from bumping into things. I keep trying to convince Abby that wearing glasses is not stylish, it is mortifying, but she won’t listen.

How can large glasses and zig zag patterns be back in style? How can the items we hated wearing: glasses and braces be a must have accessory? Some things I just don’t understand. When did it suddenly become cool to wear glasses? When Zeke grabbed the glasses from Abby, put them on and pulled his shorts up to his chest, he managed to pull off a fairly accurate Urkel impression.

“Did I do that?”

Mar 27 2011

Blossoms of Snow

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Mar 25 2011

Room 1B’s Busy Bees

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We have arrived once again at the naming of the class team for the boosterthon fun run to raise money for playground equipment at the kids school. The kids raise pledges per lap based on running thirty five laps, and their classes compete against one another for prizes. (ice cream party, a day to wear casual clothes, etc.)

Last year, many of you may remember how disappointed Zeke was when his class did not choose his name idea, “Chicken Gravy Superior.” Not losing heart, and attempting to be clever, this year he put forth “Room 1B’s Busy Bees” as his name choice in the vote.

His class resides in room 1B and his teacher uses little bees to represent each child on the behavior chart. There are different color bee hives that a child’s bee can be sent to based on his behavior: green, yellow, and red. When the child misbehaves, she must get up and move her bee to a certain hive, depending on the extent of her misbehavior.

If a child’s bee ends up behind the last hive, things become pretty grim and a visit to the principal with his parents is on the books. Zeke’s bee has occasionally moved locations, but never beyond the hives. The first time his bee moved was when he was trying to noisily extract the last drop of water out of his water bottle. His teacher told him to put the bottle down, but he was “so thirsty” and needed another drink. I have my own suspicions as to why that last drink was so needed. Occasionally, I have observed after I have told him to stop something, he seems to have a great desire to do it just one more time. Interestingly, I have observed this trait in my dear husband a few times over the years.

I do not think Zeke had calculated that a few student’s in his class may not have had fond thoughts of  the bees in room 1B. Unfortunately, this led to another year where his name choice received one vote, his own. The class voted to become “Mrs. Cole’s Cool Kids” instead. Zeke’s only consolation was  “At least I didn’t come in last place.” Some kids chose not to vote for their own name recommendation. Therefore, those choices received no votes.

Meanwhile, Gabe is once again lobbying his class to choose “Funky Monkeys” for their name. His teacher this year has promised that if “Funky Monkeys” wins the vote, she will not overrule the choice like his fourth grade teacher did. The girls in Gabe’s class are launching a counter choice in an attempt to defeat him. Gabe’s teacher has declared that once the vote is in, if she hears any complaints, she will choose their name for them, and it will be “Mrs. Antosh’s Sweet Cupcakes”.

Life is full of risks.


Mar 22 2011

Yard a Bloom

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With really warm weather these last two weeks, the shrubs, trees, and plants are in a rush to get blooming. I fear they think that they are now behind schedule. My weeping cherry is in bloom, a week earlier than usual. She looks so pretty with her curtains of pink blooms, but I am surprised to see her blooming at the same time as the forsythia and quince. The photos continue to be snapped. Each Spring, each bloom is a joy to me. I view them as gifts from a gracious God. Today, He blessed me with the sight of the cardinal trying to outshine the forsythia.