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Jul 29 2016

July Blooms

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The July heat has put most of the garden to sleep except for the black eyed susan which is trying to take over the world. It’s a treasure hunt to find something else in bloom.

Jul 25 2016

French Toast Rankings

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Zeke turned twelve last week and had a day filled with all the things he loves starting with French Toast. My family (excepting Mom) knows I have no love for French Toast so my French Toast making skills are decidedly lacking. Not wanting to ruin Zeke’s birthday with soggy French Toast, I decided to take him to a place that makes French Toast all day long.

We played games, saw the BFG, went out for dinner, ate cake, and Zeke’s favorite part: ranked the Pixar movies as a family on his whiteboard. (Zeke loves ranking things first to last.) Gabe was quite unhappy with the results, but he has yet to contact Josiah for his text in vote. Zeke read us the rankings late at night while Dale fell asleep – exhausted from all the fun.

Jul 23 2016

Ohio Corn and Dines

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Dines is being filed in the Ohio blog since she was born and raised there even though we saw her in Wisconsin. She and Filbert met us for lunch at Culvers, the favorite Manry Clan stopping point. Zeke was impressed with the miles and miles of corn and took a picture of it. Gabe was less impressed with the miles and miles of construction Ohio brought us. The photo of him was taken in our pursuit to reach Toledo on our first day driving east. There was a beautiful sunset behind us. Since I’m usually surrounded by trees, it’s always a treat to see a wide open sky.

Jul 20 2016

Minnesota Lakes and Boat Rides

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Jeremiah spent most of his time driving the boat or the jet ski towing various cousins and uncles behind. Zeke, Gabe, and Anja (who kindly came home from camp to see us) attempted to wakeboard with varying degrees of success. Gabe stood for a few seconds and Anja for a few seconds more, but Rich took to it like an old pro. He stood right up the first time having been trained in his youth by the mad Mesias on a round piece of plywood. Sam and Matt get the photos, but Jeremiah put on the most impressive wakeboarding show when he finally got a break from driving. Cami and I were quite content to watch it all from the shoreline.

Gabbi has this terrific foam water carpet that the kids loved to jump on and off. Listening to Gabbi giggle while she rolled in the carpet and watching her wrestle Marcus made me smile. The girl loves to have fun. Jadon, Ean, and Aaralyn had a great adventure swimming out in the middle of the lake and Aaralyn braved tubing with her dad. Marcus was the tubing king, hanging on and going fast.

I had fun on the nice slow evening boat ride around the lake watching some leftover fireworks. (Bailey was not fond of those.) It brought back happy memories of evenings with Mom and Dad, the old pontoon, and Blue Lake.

Jul 19 2016

Minnesota Puzzles and Games

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Puzzles with Grandpa and games with the cousins filled up the days and nights. I had to put master gamer Ben first in the photos. His time with us was limited because of work, but Zeke was glad to be on his winning team. There are no photos of my reign of havoc in good cop/bad cop. I was too busy firing at Sam. For some reason, Gabe does not appreciate the random chaos I insert into games of strategy.

There was an epic badminton birdie count battle between Gabe/Matt and Mike/Rob that started Mom laughing and laughing until the old guys finally won. We watched Matt catch a ballgame which included him signaling for the ball to come home after a short throw to second to trick the runner on third. We Manrys love trick plays.

Gabbi was the master of the slackline. The video footage of all other attempts does not last long. Everyone pitched in with the puzzles and Dad completed three in the span of one week. Charlie’s favorite game was the “drop things off my highchair onto the floor” game. Grandma Marie did not find that game as much fun as Charlie and Bailey did.