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Aug 31 2015

Here Comes the Sun

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My sunflowers have started smiling at me.

I planted the seeds in mid June, so they got a late start. They should be twice as tall as they are, but they must have figured they were behind schedule and it was better to bloom now than never.

Years ago in Germany, I loved driving next to the fields of sunflowers with their faces shining in the sun. Each year while watching the tour de france, I look forward to the scene of the cyclists riding past the fields.

I have never achieved such a fabulous display, but even one small sunflower makes me smile back.

Aug 28 2015

Odorous Flowers

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The marigolds have bloomed and bloomed in all of their stinkiness. They love ninety degree days when the other plants droop and sulk. The butterflies visit them even if people do not.

Last year, I purchased french marigolds in a medium pot and in a small six pack. In the fall, I let them all go to seed in the vegetable garden and trough. This year I had 70+ plants to dole out to various beds.

I do not gaze at them fondly and think “Oh how pretty!” Also, it is very difficult to take a picture where they look appealing. Their dull orangey-yellowy-browny color comes across as “meh” most of the time. This week, I was blessed with blooms and lighting that hint at their endearing qualities.

Thankfully, the photos are not scratch and sniff or you might say something far worse than “meh.”

Aug 27 2015

August Garden

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Much of my garden rests in the heat of August and starts to look bare. Plants with a long bloom time: phlox, balloon flower, campion, coneflower, verbena, rose of sharon and black eyed susan provide the show. Canna, cardinal flower, liriope, crepe myrtle and zinnia finally bloom. The wisteria made a brief reappearance after being hacked back in July. The beans I planted in late June have flowers and a few beans. The rose buds that escaped the beetles provide moments of beauty. Hopefully, the mums will survive the heat and the anemone will recover from the blister beetles to add to the autumn bloom parade.

Aug 26 2015

Meadow Rue – Rue the Dog

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Meadow Rue belongs in the “this is odd” garden category. I purchased the plant last year at the Monticello historic plant sale. It bloomed in late spring, and from bud to bloom it looked strange. I would stand transfixed by its weirdness while Blaze retrieved tennis balls (fuzz peeled off, split part way, bit in half, moldy, slimy, dirty) and dropped them on the plant. I may weed with my bare hands, but I put on garden gloves to throw his yucky tennis balls.

Strange plants – strange habits

Aug 25 2015

Back to the Friend who is a Boy – Oops I Meant Back to Bridgewater

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Abby packed up her suitcase full of shoes, her fridge, her microwave, her pink table, her clothes, her books, her food, her bedding, her lamp, her cleaning supplies, her garbage can, her beanbag, her vacuum, her computer, her dishes, her decor, her coloring, her giant rug, and Josiah’s T.V.

Dale, Gabe, and Zeke crammed it all in the van.

Then we drove off to the country. The corn (as high as an elephants eye) and the Blue Ridge mountains provided the lovely scenery. Dale failed to enjoy the scenery as he was too busy scowling.

His parting words to his daughter were, “What’s the number one priority?”

“Studying. I know, Daddy” was her reply.