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Jul 31 2015


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Jul 30 2015

He Has Made Me Glad

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I’ve seen several hummingbirds, but have yet to capture one in a photo. They visit the hibiscus, the canna, the trumpet vine (My attempt to eradicate it failed again. I did not notice the one growing in the quince until it bloomed), and the gladiolas. The hummingbirds and I are always glad when the glads bloom.

Jul 29 2015

Garden Bugs

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“There are so many spiders. Do you spray for bugs?” my new neighbor asked.

“No. I want the bugs and birds in my garden.” I replied. “I’m fine if you spray your yard. They can be overwhelming.”

And sometimes very strange looking.

From the living room, I spotted what I thought was a hummingbird on the phlox and walked out to take a picture. Instead of a hummingbird, I discovered a hummingbird moth – a bizarre looking creature.

The butterflies and dragonflies are fluttering about, and a leafbug came in on a bouquet and decided to explore the kitchen.

When I uploaded my photo of the gaura, I noticed I captured a stickbug in the photo as well.

The bees are everywhere, especially on the hyssop.

Jul 28 2015

Spy Training

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The Manry Clan enjoyed climbing through vents, taunting jaws, and hanging on like James Bond when we visited the spy museum.

Zeke hung on the longest, Abby took second, and Gabe was last place. Josiah had to work on free slurpee day, so he was not with us to give it a go. I suspect he could have held on longer than his siblings, but that would have probably spurred them on to try it again.

All the ninja warrior they’ve been watching is putting crazy ideas in their heads.

Jul 27 2015

Zeke Scores Cornhole

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It must have been Zeke’s birthday if he gets to stand on the roof at midnight, have french toast for breakfast, eat at cici’s, lose quarters to the claw, piece together a world map puzzle, go to a water park, and score his very own cornhole game.