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Mar 20 2017

Wonka World

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The Manry Clan has been residing in Wonka World since January. It is truly wonderful in Wonka World where Zeke performs Oompa Loompa dances in his light up shoes and Gabe “Thinks Positive” and sings to “Cheer Up Charlie.”

It’s a pretend world, of course, and I wouldn’t recommend telling Gabe to think positive or cheer up today. (School still starts on Monday morning at 0800 for actors and audience alike.)

CYT’s Wonka World has many bright spots and many laughs and although there are moments when the room gets uncomfortably smaller, CYT families go to sleep and wake up pretending it was all a happy dream Mostly happy, but with some drama thrown in to keep it interesting. We can convince you that life in the theater is all smiles – we are thespians after all. (James Talley always refers to Gabe and Zeke as thespians and to me as a thespian mom which makes me and Kristen laugh.)

My favorite bright spots so far were discovering a CYT dad in a velvet jacket and bow tie vacuuming the auditorium for me, watching a CYT mom take orders at IHOP when we reserved for 30 people and 76 people showed up, and listening to Dale yell and cheer when he won the cupcake raffle. Someone is always pitching in and helping out and cheering you on.

Please join us in Wonka World if you can. There are 4 more shows this weekend. And if you’re feeling adventurous, sign your kids up for CYT. You won’t regret it. (Except maybe when you are driving home from ihop after midnight in the pouring rain.)

Oct 15 2016

A Ferry Ride, A Fearless Leader, and a Sugar Plum Fairy

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Where can you find a ferry ride, a fearless leader, and a sugar plum fairy? At the women’s retreat, of course. This year we returned to Eastover Manor courtesy of our favorite ferry across the James River. The first question the team asked upon arrival was, “Where is Marie? We need Marie.” Last year, my sister Marie was our unofficial 4th team member who organized the fridge, set meal items out, started the fire, and did everything else that needed to be done well and not in my haphazard way. I cannot imagine why Marie wouldn’t want to come back. Maybe she believes a retreat should be relaxing. (Thankfully, Sondra and Mary Johns picked up the slack.) We missed Mom too, but understood her desire to fulfill the roll of supportive Grandma for Zeke’s performance in November. Happily, Abby joined us this year and brought Kathleen with her to bring us some youthful outlooks.

We were blessed to have Kristen’s dear friend, Jen Oshman as our speaker. She taught us from the book of Colossians on the preeminence, supremacy, sufficiency, and attributes of Christ. She exhorted us to grace driven effort and to holding fast to the future grace that awaits us. We were all privileged to witness the recitation of the book of Colossians by Jen and her sweet friend, Alivia. It inspired us all to grasp hold of Psalm 119:11 “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

Alivia was a gift from God to us. Helping us to see God at work among us – encouraging, exhorting, praying, finding scripture, making us laugh with her tourist antics. I met Alivia and thought, “We’ve just met, but I know you. We are sisters in the Lord.” If you ever need an energy boost, ask God to send you Alivia on a redeye flight.

Kristen and I were once again determined to beat The Fearless Leader in the pajama parade. Our efforts, however, were to no avail. When Mary dresses like a chicken and does the chicken dance, what can we do but lose again? There were four categories of winners – Mary Johns’ normal pjs were a hoot, Abby (as usual) was cutest, but it was Genean as the sugar plum fairy who stole the show. My and Kristen’s consolation prize was winning reverse charades despite the opposition’s fabulous totem pole.

Amy was a walking comedy routine throughout the weekend whether she was battling wooden bedposts, forgetting the bridge every time in “May the Peoples Praise You,” or making trash bags suddenly appear. If we were laughing, it was most likely because Amy was up to her antics. She was a great distraction from the pouring rain and howling wind. God granted us a clear arrival and a clear departure, but our fireside chat had to move indoors. The MKM Rappers made their one and only appearance complete with a limousine, broken hearts, shooting the moon, buying a break, and a whole lot of promises. Rapping in front of a crowd – The Fearless Leader leads the way.

As always, God was faithful to meet with us and His Holy Spirit uplifted us. With Christ in our hearts uniting us, we were able to encourage one another in the faith. Each year, God moves among us and every year I am reminded how very precious the retreat is in my life.

Sep 10 2016

A Picnic Baptism

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To escape the one hundred degree July heat, the Church Picnic moved to a new date, but thankfully, stayed at the same place. We all love going to Bob and Denise’s home every year to eat, swim, and play games together. This year, a baptism was added in to encourage our hearts in the Lord. We were all blessed to witness Kerri and Amy’s proclamation of faith in Christ.

You’ll have to look in the background of the photos in order to find Denise. She was busy, as usual, working throughout the entire event. Bob, after completing his grill duties, was goofing off.

The kids had fun playing Ted’s latest game creations – noodle soccer and wet sponge attack. Sophie Grace and Elijah were all in, determined to get the ball in the goal (the opponent’s goal or their own goal – either would suffice.) Jeff Singley was the big loser in the wet sponge attack, having received the most hits via wet sponge. I’m fairly certain that it is an essential part of church operations for the youth leader to periodically be pummeled by his unruly flock.

The ribs and chicken were delicious as were all the sides and desserts. (High praise goes to Genean’s peach cobbler.) Because the Manry Clan lost at cornhole (we’ve been slacking off in our bag toss skill training), Dale was forced to give up bragging rights for the year.

Nine years ago, the Manry Clan landed in Virginia, and was welcomed as family by New Life Community Church. Each year, Denise and Bob host this picnic for our family of God, gladly welcoming and feeding all who will come. Their gracious hospitality has been a testimony to me of what it looks like to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Apr 07 2016

There is Rejoicing

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By Mugs Manry

“…I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Matthew 17:20

Yesterday morning, I put a ring on my finger. Later, I suddenly realized I was not wearing it anymore. “I must have put it in my pocket or my purse,” I surmised. When I finally arrived home, I went through my purse and my pockets and searched the van. It was not there. I called the places I had been to ask them if anyone had turned in a ring. They answered no. I fretted – trying to remember when and why I had taken it off.

I prayed.


Feb 23 2016

All Things New

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God makes all things new each spring. Why do I forget that in the bitter winter?

I’ve jumped on board with Punxsutawney Phil in declaring spring around the corner. Last Monday’s 3 inches of snow prediction that turned itself into 9 inches of snow was winters last gasp. The robins and thrushes are pulling up earthworms and the seagulls who live in the Target parking lot were cleaning their feathers in the drizzling rain as if they had gathered for a group spring cleaning.

Josiah has moved to North Carolina for a new start, my tulips are pushing up to find the sun, and God has been painting the sky to get my attention. I declare today the official end to my gloom period.

Spring is here. Look for it and believe you will find it.