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Jan 25 2016

Snow Daze

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The Snow Daze Continues. Today, Josiah was finally able to drive to work after hiking a mile in a blizzard uphill to work. His grandchildren will be proud of him someday when he tells that story.

Jan 23 2016

Let it Snow 2016

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Almost 11 inches so far and more on the way. Still have power, milk, bread, and the pellet stove keeping us warm.

Jan 21 2016

Imminent Snow Day

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In the DC area, you know a snow day is imminent when everybody and their brother stocks up on food. Soon, there will be no bread or milk left on the shelf. Yesterday, I went to the Commissary and had to park down in the first row of the MCX. Once inside the Commissary, I weaved through the crowds and found the checkout line before I got to the milk. The line wrapped from checkout down the cheese/yogurt/juice cooler aisle past the egg/milk cooler aisle and wrapped back around the fancy cheese/”cold snacks I didn’t know existed” floor coolers. I waited 25 minutes until I saw the check out lady. After my groceries were loaded, I asked the bagger to wait out front of the store while I jogged down to get the van.

Today, in my backyard, the cardinals were stocking up as well.


Jan 18 2016

A New Year – The Same Old Me

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Happy New Year! Better late than never is my motto.

“Mr. Talley would never let this happen” is Gabe and Zeke’s motto. Our friend, James Talley is never late. Two weeks ago, I asked him to drive Gabe and Zeke to class while Dale and I were in New York. Mr Talley showed up an hour early and had Gabe and Zeke at class fifteen minutes prior to class starting. The next week, I was driving them to class – just a few minutes late (It’s the traffic, not my lollygagging, I swear) and Gabe remarked, “Mr Talley would never let this happen.”

“Yeah,” Zeke said. “If Mr. Talley was taking us, we’d be on time.”

Unlucky for them, I’m their mother. So, here are the much delayed New Years photos: banging pots and pans, popping poppers, throwing confetti, and building a gingerbread house – Celebrating New Years – The Manry Clan Way.