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Apr 06 2016

Mom’s Happy Birthday Bouquet

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Today is my mom’s birthday. I wish she were here to walk my spring garden with me, but she is awaiting spring in frigid Minnesota. I am sending her a photographic tulip bouquet (It smells lovely) and wishing her a day filled with the hope that spring brings.

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19

Apr 03 2016

Calling All Manrys

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It has been 11 years since Dale, his siblings, and his daddy have all been together in the same place. On Easter Sunday, the Manrys were finally reunited. Tears, prayers, laughs, hymns, a feast and two odd ducks filled the day. Many thanks to Tommy and Adina for hosting the celebration and thanks also to Jeff and Janet for making the long trip from Oregon.

I will forever treasure the looks of surprise by Tommy and Tami at the sight of Jeff; the “I never thought I’d see you again,” tearful exclamation from Tina; and the tears from Tom as he attempted to pray over the meal.

Rare are the moments when this family is all together in one place – making these memories precious indeed.

Jan 25 2016

Snow Daze

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The Snow Daze Continues. Today, Josiah was finally able to drive to work after hiking a mile in a blizzard uphill to work. His grandchildren will be proud of him someday when he tells that story.

Sep 18 2015

Making Camp

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As we approached the campsite, it rained heavily amid the thunder and lightning. When we arrived, Dale, Gabe, and Zeke sat in the van. As the rain poured down, I dashed over to Bob and Denise’s trailer to get the weather report. At every campout, we Manrys have gotten soaked.

Awhile later, the rain let up and God blessed us with the prettiest weather for the rest of the weekend. Dale and Gabe set up in the light. Abby and friends set up in the dark. Elijah assisted his grandpa with leveling the trailer. Koji made a smore, and Bob kept trying to hang up Shelby’s phone.

McKinneyville was conspicuously absent as was the entire Katsarelis clan. The McKinneys were there, but had come to their senses and decided camping was much more enjoyable in a nice cabin by the pool. Dale, Zeke, and I wholeheartedly agreed that sleeping in a lodge room with air conditioning and a bathroom chases away all the toxic dust.

Aug 26 2015

Meadow Rue – Rue the Dog

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Meadow Rue belongs in the “this is odd” garden category. I purchased the plant last year at the Monticello historic plant sale. It bloomed in late spring, and from bud to bloom it looked strange. I would stand transfixed by its weirdness while Blaze retrieved tennis balls (fuzz peeled off, split part way, bit in half, moldy, slimy, dirty) and dropped them on the plant. I may weed with my bare hands, but I put on garden gloves to throw his yucky tennis balls.

Strange plants – strange habits