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Jul 27 2013

View from the Wildflower Garden

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Jul 27 2013

Ted’s Picnic Fun and Games

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Three Legged Race


Water Balloon Volleyball


Water Relay


Jul 27 2013

Let’s Play With the Red Ball Instead

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Our dog, Blaze likes to help me in the garden.

Whenever I prune the roses, he prunes the roses.

I prune off dead blossoms, he prunes off perfect buds.

I kneel on the paths, he lays down in the beds.

His favorite game is to tromp through the plants I’m weeding around and drop his green tennis ball for me to throw.

I toss the ball, weed for 5 seconds. Toss the ball, weed for 10 seconds. Toss the ball, weed for 20 seconds.

Today, he decided he didn’t like my slowing response time, and thought I’d notice the ball sooner if it was bright red.

He snatched a ripe tomato off the vine, walked over, and dropped it in front of me.

Jul 24 2013

What makes the Little Yippity Yip

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My neighbors on both sides of me have yippity dogs: three on one side, one on the other. I must admit, I am not fond of yippity dogs. (Please do not take offense, all you yippity dog owners. Yippity dogs are very cute. Unfortunately, I am a person who likes quiet, and yippity dogs are definitely not quiet.)

Dale and I have owned huskies and a golden retriever. The huskies occasionally howled, whined, and snarled, but didn’t bark a whole lot. Blaze, our golden retriever whines occasionally, but rarely barks. His primary means of making noise is by scratching the door.

The yippities who live next to me bark at every person and creature who happens past. Day in and day out, week in and week out, year in and year out, it gets to be a bit annoying.

On occasion, Manry children and various children of friends have been known to bark back at all the yippities. Occasionally, I have been known to shush them in a stern voice or as Abby describes it, “Mom, stop yelling at the neighbor’s dogs!”

They are very annoying. (Children and Dogs)

I probably shouldn’t admit yelling at my neighbor’s dogs. Dines has already threatened to turn me into PETA for killing so many fish in the fish tank disaster of 2013.

Hopefully, she’ll be too busy working to read this blog.

Last week, the littlest yippity yipped for twenty minutes straight, before I could take it no longer and had to go out and give him a talking to.

“Little yippity, what is your problem?” I yelled.

At the sight of me, his yipping increased to the hyperventilating point. He was just on the other side of the chain link fence that separates our yards, 15 feet from the front gate. On my side of the fence, I caught sight of the offending intruder. A box turtle was ambling his way up my fence line and the little yippity was accompanying him every step of the way. The box turtle would periodically tuck himself inside his shell hoping the noisy onslaught would cease.

Of course it never did, so the turtle, realizing that little yippity was all yips and no action, would amble forward at a turtle’s pace.

My neighbors, having heard me yell at little yippity, finally called him inside. I had Gabe open the front garden gate to help the turtle escape. Then, we all went back inside and waited.

Ten minutes later, I sent Gabe to check if the turtle had left. There was no sign of him where we had seen him earlier, so Gabe closed the front gate again.

Another ten minutes passed and little yippity was released again to begin another yipfest. He was now yipping next to the fence line 10 feet from the back gate.

During the momentary peace, the turtle had decided to turn around.

I have had several creatures visit my garden this summer, but the turtle got the loudest welcome.

Jul 19 2013

Tupperware Hamburger Press

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Every year, my friend Denise hosts our annual church picnic at her house. (Bob helps a little bit too.) It’s held at Denise’s house, because to be quite honest, Denise has everything you need, not just for a picnic, but for anything else you can think of. I am not exaggerating.

If someone in the church needs something, we all say, “Ask Denise, she probably has one or three or twenty.”

She has enough lawn furniture for everyone to sit down, enough pool toys so the kids can hit and squirt each other with abandon, a volleyball net for a water balloon volleyball game, and enough land for a three legged race.

Now, before you start thinking Denise is a wealthy woman, you should know that she works as the office manager for a plumber, and Bob is retired from the power company. They’re not exactly rolling in the dough.

However, Denise has one very unique ability : she is the queen of the deal.

Denise pays pennies or gets for free what others pay a lot of money for. She finds things at yard sales, on discount racks, at closeouts, at estate sales, at auctions, at thrift stores, and sitting for free on the side of the road.

When she retires, she could open up her own shop: “Denise’s Bits of This and That.”

I don’t like thrift stores at all, but I’d shop at Denise’s, because being at Denise’s house is a bit like being on a treasure hunt. Every time I go there, I see something I thought had disappeared long ago.

For the picnic, I was on the clean up crew washing the dishes when lo and behold I spotted a treasure: a tupperware hamburger press. I had not seen one since I was a child and wrongly assumed they were all extinct.

Of course they’re not. Denise has one.