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May 31 2015


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On his first day of summer vacation, Zeke got braces. When Dale arrived home, Zeke showed him his metal mouth.

“If you need any repair, just ask me,” Dale said, “I’m the orthodadist.”

Zeke declined Dale’s offer.

Having listened carefully to the “you must keep your teeth very clean” lecture from the orthodontist, Zeke (who has always been a slacker flosser) decided he was going to be excessively thorough. He used his handy dandy ‘y-shaped’ floss stick and began to floss around his braces. The floss got stuck, Zeke yanked and pulled off a brace.

He came to show me a metal wire hanging in the back of his mouth with the disconnected brace dangling precariously upon it. Fearing, he would choke on the metal, I yelled for Dale to get the wire cutters. He was quite happy to help.

“Orthodadist to the rescue!”

May 30 2015

The Many Faces of Molineux

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Molineux is a rose fascinating to watch from bud to bloom. It’s coloring and form are variable as it opens. I go quite nuts trying to capture each stage. My shrub is still very small and there are less than 5 blooms at once, but the blooms are uniquely wonderful.

In the rose book guy’s garden in Ohio, I stood shocked in front of his Molineux shrub. It was at least 5 foot by 5 foot.

“How?” I stammered.

“For 6 years, it was a little bitty thing and then it took off,” he replied.

I’m hoping mine does the same one day and I can capture all stages of bloom in one shot.

May 29 2015

Egg in the Nest

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Today, Abby discovered the cardinal’s egg in the nest built in the aviateur bleriot rose. We can see it through one of the sun room sliding glass doors. Patches lays near it, keeping watch through the glass.

May 29 2015

Mom’s Roses

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Seven of Mom’s roses survived the move from Minnesota to Virginia and the moves around my garden. Winter Sunset, Living Easy, and Geoff Hamilton were featured in the bloom parade. Double Delight and Don Juan are late to the party, but finally have buds.

Ballerina is one of the stars of the garden with her tiny pink and white sprays of blooms. She is healthy and happy where I planted her, thinking she was winter sunset. (The tags got mixed up in the shipping box.) She provides the calming divide in the perennial bed where it changes from apricot and blue to pink and purple.

I do not know the name of one of Mom’s roses, but it bloomed early, healthy and bright pink. It brightly glowed next to the white iris and its blooms lasted a very long time on the plant.

May 28 2015

A Climber for Everyone

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New Dawn has been her faithful self, glowing with porcelain pink blooms and covering the old wooden swing. She started as a rose cutting five years ago and each year since has been a dependable bloomer. If you have a fence or arbor you want covered, New Dawn will gladly assist.