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Sep 10 2016

A Picnic Baptism

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To escape the one hundred degree July heat, the Church Picnic moved to a new date, but thankfully, stayed at the same place. We all love going to Bob and Denise’s home every year to eat, swim, and play games together. This year, a baptism was added in to encourage our hearts in the Lord. We were all blessed to witness Kerri and Amy’s proclamation of faith in Christ.

You’ll have to look in the background of the photos in order to find Denise. She was busy, as usual, working throughout the entire event. Bob, after completing his grill duties, was goofing off.

The kids had fun playing Ted’s latest game creations – noodle soccer and wet sponge attack. Sophie Grace and Elijah were all in, determined to get the ball in the goal (the opponent’s goal or their own goal – either would suffice.) Jeff Singley was the big loser in the wet sponge attack, having received the most hits via wet sponge. I’m fairly certain that it is an essential part of church operations for the youth leader to periodically be pummeled by his unruly flock.

The ribs and chicken were delicious as were all the sides and desserts. (High praise goes to Genean’s peach cobbler.) Because the Manry Clan lost at cornhole (we’ve been slacking off in our bag toss skill training), Dale was forced to give up bragging rights for the year.

Nine years ago, the Manry Clan landed in Virginia, and was welcomed as family by New Life Community Church. Each year, Denise and Bob host this picnic for our family of God, gladly welcoming and feeding all who will come. Their gracious hospitality has been a testimony to me of what it looks like to “love your neighbor as yourself.”