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Mar 26 2009


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This past weekend, Josiah competed in the ACSI regional spelling bee in Atlanta, Georgia. He had participated in the district bee a few weeks back and placed second after misspelling autarky. Last year, he and I flew down for the competition.  With Dale home, we decided to undertake a family road trip.  Family discord was held at bay thanks to dvd players and nintendo ds.  Although driving 7 hours in the van while your wife quizzes your son on word after word may have gotten to Dale.  He claims he was just feeling ill and needed a little rest, but I think he decided if I was driving, I would have to stop mispronouncing words like sommelier.

I was once again struck by how much I like Atlanta.  Ros and Martyn, I take back all the bad things I said about Atlanta.  Both times, I have had a great visit.  On the way in to town, we ate at Fatt Matts Rib Shack.  The kids love telling their friends they ate at Fat Matts.  Zeke will occasionally chant “Fat Matts Rib Shack” just for fun.  The ribs were great.  We struck restaurant success again in the morning when we ate at Thumbs Up Diner.  When the waiter set before me a plate of real fried potatoes with onions and green peppers, I almost kissed him.  Anyone who makes good fried potatoes will make a friend of a Meloch.  My Mom’s fried potatoes are fought over during Sunday Brunch.

We had a day of sight seeing before the bee, so off we went to Coca Cola world for Gabe to choke on disgusting soda flavors and for Abby to dodge imaginary 3D objects.

The aquarium was once again an amazing place full of unique creatures and mesmerizing tanks.

We ate inside the CNN building which was cool.  As you’re walking along inside, you can watch someone reporting the news.  The kids were also thrilled to discover a Cartoon Network store and were soon debating Fosters vs Chowder t-shirts.  It was a lovely warm day and the kids had fun playing in Centennial Olympic Park.  Gabe was the first to venture into the Olympic Ring fountains.

The fountains go up and down, on and off, in bursts and starts and intense flows of water.  Most people attempt to jump in and out of them without getting too wet.  Gabe, however, decided to see how wet he could get.

After Zeke got a good drenching in the face, he decided to keep his distance.  The kids then ran around two playgrounds to dry off.  They liked the conveyor belt slide the best.

After our day of sightseeing, it was down to business and the spelling bee.  Spelling bees bring out some quirky and unique  kids and it’s always quite entertaining to watch them and their families.  At the start of the bee there were 67 students.  Josiah spelled the following words:

adjective, enlivened, egotism, impugn, uncommunicative, preexilic, sinistrous, inadvertently, abhorrence

The first word is for the practice round.  At the end of round 8, the bee was down to two students, Josiah and Peter.  Throughout the rounds, Dale was taking his job as Josiah’s Arbitrator very seriously.  He had the Merriam Websters Collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition in hand and an Arbitrator Badge pinned to his chest.  Having no opportunity to arbitrate for Josiah, he began to whisper to me various opinions on the just and unjust arbitrations that were presented with Merriam Webster as his evidence.  It was a good thing the bee didn’t last much longer for I feared I would have to pry the Dictionary out of his hands.

Josiah received his next word: Euchre.  When the spelling master said the word, I knew he had lost and I knew that I was to blame.  After all that studying and testing to be undone by my favorite card game.  I had not taught my 14 year old son to play Euchre and he had no idea how to spell it.  To hear your opponent say Euchre means you’ve lost the hand.  Josiah spelled the word: Ucre and took second place.  His spelling bees are not finished, however.  He will now compete at the ACSI national spelling bee in Washington DC on May 9th.  Then, in June, he will spend a week playing Euchre at the Meloch family reunion.