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Apr 29 2008

The Missing Piece

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Our two weeks together did fly by and the days were filled with all things ordinary. Ordinary days, but because Dale was with us, I loved each one. Dale had no honey do list, but managed to fix things anyway. He easily corrected my home improvement mistakes and reattached various towel bars that Zeke had pulled off the wall. He then decided to go into battle against the tent caterpillars occupying the weeping cherry out front. Dale fell back on the old Manry solution of attacking a large swarm of creatures by hitting the nest with a big stick. When the caterpillars started dropping out of the tree onto his shirt and hair, I decided it was best to leave that job to him. We took a bush walk that greatly needed a Kirk accompaniment, since there were rocks to fall off of and water to fall into. Later, we all chose fish for the backyard pond. Dale who was most concerned with water quality bought 3 algae eaters and named them Tuck, Roll, and Golem. He also bought water plants. He spent quite a bit of time fixing his pond. Josiah chose a bright orange goldfish, the bravest of the lot and named him Napoleon. Abby chose a white and black little fish and named her Jewels. She’s sparkles just like you, Juliet. Gabe chose a hard to find orange and black fish and named him Dynamite. Zeke chose a beautiful orange and black fantail and named her Cleopatra. I decided to join the party a few days later and added Mohawk who has an orange stripe and Pirate who has a black eye patch. Hopefully, we’ll remember to feed the fish. Dale will get upset if he returns to find his pond redo neglected. A loud frog seems to have joined the fish. We hear him at night croaking out “my pond…my pond…my pond”. Last year, Gabe transported tadpoles from the pond to the creek down the road when he and Dale cleaned the pond. Maybe one came back to tell us off. Along with watching the fish, we watched the birds. When I first saw the bright blue bird on my feeder, I thought that the bluebird of happiness had come to pay a visit. After consulting my bird book I believe it is an Indigo Bunting instead. Sometimes what brings me happiness isn’t exactly what I planned would bring me happiness. The last thing we worked on together was the puzzle I had started in January. We finally finished it and discovered that a piece was missing. It looks good, but there is a piece missing. That’s how I feel when Dale is away. I am pretty good, but a piece of me is missing. These last two weeks, I had no missing piece and I enjoyed them very much.

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Apr 28 2008

My Digital Camera (for now)

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See, I told you that Mugs would appreciate my new camera. I am taking it back to Iraq with me, but I don’t think I’ll get to keep it once I return!


Apr 28 2008

R&R Activities

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My R&R leave is quickly coming to an end. For the first time, the promise that my deployment time will fly by has finally come true! The last 2 weeks have passed in the blink of an eye.


Apr 13 2008

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

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Dale arrived safely home at 0745 Sunday 13 April and will be home for the next two weeks.


Apr 10 2008

Dust Storms in Mosul

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Summer is on the way. It’s easy to tell because of the frequent dust storms. As the temperature begins to rise, a persistent southeasterly wind picks up. This wind is called the sharqi and occurs from April to June. My flights to COB Speicher were canceled last week due to dust storms caused by the sharqi winds. From mid-June to mid-September, a northwesterly wind pattern called shamal dominates. Then the sharqi returns from late-September through November. The winds and accompanying dust storms die down from December through March. Fortunately for me, there are always plenty of tanks and other armored vehicles kicking up dust to keep me from breathing clean air when I run!

I snapped this picture yesterday afternoon around 1600. A couple of hours later, I went out for a 5 miler. After finishing my run, I spent the next hour coughing and spitting. I think I’ve gained about 10 pounds so far just by ingesting sand when I run!