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About Us

The start of the Manry Clan occurred way back in 1985 at the West Point Prep School in New Jersey when Dale Manry stole Mugs Meloch’s pillow to watch the Miss America pageant in a nearby day room. A few hours later, Mugs dumped cold milky water over Dale’s head while he slept.

They married 5 years later after they completed West Point, and then began the Army life. Missouri, Germany, Colorado, Wisconsin, New York, Korea, Minnesota, Hawaii, Australia, Iraq, and Virginia were stops along the way, and Josiah, Abby, Gabe, and Zeke were born along the way.

Mugs jumped off the Army train after Germany and became a full time mom.  After 23 years of service, Dale reluctantly jumped off the Army train as well. He now works for the Federal Government with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). The Manry Clan presently live in Stafford, Virginia.

This blog started when Dale was deployed to Iraq. When he deployed, he asked only one thing of his wife. He requested Mugs write of the happenings back home so that when he read the blog he could temporarily escape the ugly reality of war for the funny reality of family life.

Upon his return from Iraq, Dale’s blogging lessened, but he remains a master of tech support. Mugs continues to write because Dale asks her to and because the Manry Clan exploits bring laughter to others.

Although for us, there are many times when life is funny. Some days bring sadness or insight or lessons unexpected. Mugs loves to read and garden and go to the beach. She also likes to take lots of pictures.

God’s grace is the main reason the Manry Clan endures. Dale and Mugs became followers of Jesus Christ at a young age and have trusted in Him through many years filled with both laughter and tears.

Dale and Mugs’ relationship started with a prank and remarkably, the laughter continues to this day.


24 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Willa Richardson says:

    I am a friend of Tami and she sent me this. I just wanted you to know I am praying for you right now right here! Have added your name to my prayer list. I am grateful you keeping in touch with her. She is wonderful friend.

  2. Dale says:

    Thanks, Willa. I’m always thankful for the prayers of the saints!

  3. Jewels says:

    Does Josiah ever wonder why you gave him a name that cannot be shortened?

  4. Dale says:

    In true Arabic custom, we can call him Josiah Ibn Dale (Josiah son of Dale). I think some of the kids at Covenant used to call him J-Man or Joe-Dude. I don’t think of him as a Joe.

  5. Mike Bolton says:

    Dale, In true urban custom we have nick-named our youngest, Gillian, “G”. Now all I need is a big gold G and chain and she is all set.

  6. Jewels says:

    oops, should have said isn’t instead of cannot. You’re right Dale he doesn’t seem like a Joe. Micky suggested Jose.

  7. itzmefantazia says:

    Gosh dale now u look like your dad. lol and Robert is looking so much like you. Hope to visit you sometime when you get home as i come though Va quite a bit. Check my profile i left yall, it explaines it all. You really have a beautiful family. Check out mine on myspace. i have 2 girls. Love forever, Toni Lea Poole

  8. Keith Manry says:

    I was surfing the net this afternoon and found another “Josiah Manry” (my son’s name!). I was very interested to come across your site and just wanted to stop in and say “hello”. Where’s your family from? I know the last name “Manry” is fairly rare and I don’t know much of my dad’s family.

  9. manry1 says:

    Well I finally got caught back up with you guys on this site. Its good to see that everthing is going resonably well. The Oregon branch of the Manry Family is still alive and well. Caitlyn is a Jr in HS and Becky is now a Fr at the same school. I am no longer with Dominos, but have been with Jack in the Box for about months now. Hope to hear from ya’ll soon.

    Mama’s Favorite

  10. Dale says:

    Mama’s Favorite… he’s still jealous!

  11. Toni Poole says:

    Glad to see jeff is doing good and you (dale and muggs) too. Tami keeps me up with yall. Im a truck driver and love it out here. I drive the 48. I used to go to Canada, but i switched companies and this one doesn’t go there. It’s winter time now again, and im in Rapid City, SD and it’s 6 degrees here. Told them i wanted a load back down south. LOL Im stilll not much on snow. If you are interested i have a my space, come and check it out. Plenty of pics of me and the kids. I have 2 grown girls now. and i have pics of the places i’ve been.

    Love you dale and muggs.

    Toni Lea Poole

  12. Toni Poole says:

    oH sorry forgot to leave the myspace address. LOL 🙄 w

  13. Nissa Fulton says:

    Hi Dale and Mugs:

    I actually cried when I saw this page, I never knew you all had a page until Tami told me. I know ya’ll know these last 2 years since Hurricane Katrina has been extremely unstable for me, but I’m in Baton Rouge with Tami and I’m going to get situated here and I’m not moving anymore. I’m just me Nissa and I do have feelings and a good heart. I love ya’ll to death!!!!! 😆
    I am so sorry that I didn’t come see ya’ll when ya’ll were in Louisiana, sad to say, I didn’t know until the day ya’ll got there because noone told me and Tami thought that pappaw told me but he didn’t. It was too late for me to request time off because at the job I had in Texas, PTO, had to be requested the week before. Sorry!!!! Love ya’ll!!!!!
    Not sure if you know, but I have a new addition who is 4 months old now and her name is Ta’Niya Janae Manry, she will be loved by all. Anyhow, Mugs you are strong and it will soon be over. Dale if you read this, I love you and I hope you remain safe til coming home and hopefully it will be over soon. Merry Christmas and ya’ll have a happy new year. Ya’ll have such a happy and beautiful family. 😀

  14. Dale says:

    I think all of us in the whole Manry clan have been unstable for a whole lot longer than since Hurricane Katrina!

  15. josiah's bff says:

    😀 JOsiah is one of my bffs this is ‘kelly’ 😳

  16. josiah's bff says:

    on the subject of josiah’s nickname, we just call him josiah. no biggy

  17. soldier fun says:

    Hi Mugs
    You have a good blog.

    Be happy.

  18. Robert "Dallas" Jones says:

    Nice to see your doing well. I was wondering if you still think you could out smart me on a map:) I am getting back into Orienteering next month. I am going to drag my family to Georgia and try and compete on either the Red or the Blue. If you remember me (and you should), email me at

  19. Jonathan Roberts says:

    At Covenant I dont ever remember calling Josiah J-Man or Joe-dude. We usually called him Joe or others called him Josie as a joke that wasnt funny.

  20. Christopher Sheppard says:

    josiah, first thing i got to say is this is an awesome web site, jono gave me details, i miss u soo much, haha i member calling you joey and josie etc and me and matt having the competition for ur cheese stick and juice box, i pray that God keeps working in and through you and your family, God bless Manry family

  21. Edna Baker Camber says:

    Had seen your website once before and enjoyed catching up with you and your family. Googled you tonight and caught up once again. Very impressive site. Glad to see you are doing good. We talked at your Mom’s funeral about going to Australia. We never made it there. Perhaps one day. Live in the hill country now and we love it. Haven’t seen anyone in your family for quite a while. Talked to Aunt June not too long ago, and saw Aunt Mac and Aunt Dee at the family reunion. Judy, Sherry and I take turns taking care of Mom. Her dementia is pretty bad. Keep enjoying life, stay happy and healthy. Your cuz,

  22. Shane Dooley says:

    Shane Dooley here. You may remember me as Shane Fain. After reading “Making peace with it” I was able to make peace with a decision I made many years ago in Basic Training (Ft Dix, 1985). I received, and subsequently rejected, a direct appointment to West Point. I never regretted that decision, but spent many nights wondering what it would’ve been like to be there; how my military career (all 5 yrs, 2 mos, & 29 days of it) would have been different, what kind of person I would have become through the experience. I fear I would not like that person. I went through many changes in life. I am one of those guys who is nice now. REquesting to add you to my Facebook. Hope to see you again one day.

  23. Mugs says:

    Shane…Thanks for your openness. Many of my blogs are based on times that make me laugh, some on times that make me think, and a few on times that force me to assess my heart and my actions. I am always hesitant to post those assessments, because I don’t want to depress people. Yet, when I get such a thoughtful response from someone I have never met, it reaffirms to me that life, both joyful and painful, when lived openly, can encourage and give hope to another.

  24. Michael Cabral says:

    Col Manry

    Glad to see your doing well, I don’t know if you remember me but I used to be the dahok ncoic. Little update on G his son Mateen is living with me in Massachusetts and is almost done with high school. We happened to find your page today and brought back memories.

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