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Feb 27 2015

White and Gray with a Touch of Red

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The snow comes, the snow goes, the cold stays. Winter won’t allow my escape.

“Just a little color, just a little sun, just a warm breeze,” I pray.

This morning, God sent the cardinals to cheer me up.

Feb 22 2015

Church Snow Day

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With the sleet and freezing rain following the snow late last night, the Elders cancelled church this morning because of road conditions.

The snow had been light fluff all week until the sleet arrived. This morning, the snow was finally sticky enough for a snow ball fight and a snowman. Zeke went outside to sled and came back in asking for a snowball fight. Gabe obliged. I’m uncertain if Zeke was happy to get what he asked for.

Later, Dale went outside with Zeke to build a snowman.

Tonight, when Josiah wakes up from sleeping off the night shift, we’ll have Manry church at home – singing, teaching, and prayer. It’s been awhile since Dale and I have had Sunday night church – the contemporary service.

It’s much more relaxed.

Feb 19 2015

Ice Dagger

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Gabe thought it best to remove the ice daggers from the porch for the safety of all Manrys. Patches thought it best to hide.

Feb 17 2015

Legit Snow Day

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In Virginia, we often have snow days for minor amounts of snow and sleet. Last night, we received more than 6 inches of a legitimate powdery snowfall. I stayed home snug and warm while Dale ventured forth into the storm. The National Weather Service cautioned everyone only to go out if it was an emergency. I think they should add the stipulation “or your son is working the midnight to 7am shift at the convenience store.”

Dale picked Josiah up in the morning as well, and then shoveled the driveway for an hour and a half. Zeke, following his father’s work ethic, shoveled the path to the back door and the back steps. Then, his mother’s influence won out. He remembered that snow days are for fun and went sledding.

Feb 12 2015

The Meow Alarm

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Patches has taken it upon herself to become the family alarm clock and trail guide. Now that Abby is no longer home to answer her demanding meows, she has transferred her relentless demands to the rest of us.

It started with her sitting outside my door in the morning and meowing loudly just prior to the alarm sounding. She is starved in the morning (photos do not verify this as she is quite fat).

She does not concern herself with two hour delays of school for icy roads or the weekend change of schedule. She consistently requires my promptness.

Once I leave my room, the parade begins. As she must saunter immediately in front of my feet down the stairs, through the hall, and to her food dish in the kitchen. This parade is accompanied by meows of vocal variance, repeatedly turning around to watch that I don’t change course, and my irritated shushing of her. The shushing has no effect.

Not satisfied with simply bossing me around, this morning she insisted in leading Gabe in a parade down the stairs. Not being fully alert, Gabe slid down a few steps before he caught himself by the handrail. Later, prior to Zeke’s wake up time, Patches jumped on his bed and meowed in his face until he woke up and looked at her. Once her job was completed, she jumped down to wait for the parade.

Even though Josiah is working nights, not days, she is an equal opportunity offender. She will meow at his door periodically just for fun. Unfortunately for her, Josiah ignores alarms – be they electronic or cat.