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May 31 2010

Memorial Day 10k

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Josiah and I got up a little after 5 this morning so we could run a 10k race together. That meant Mugs, our personal cheering section, also had to get up with us. It wouldn’t have been so bad not getting to sleep in on my day off, if we hadn’t stayed at Mike and Joanne’s until about 10:30 last night. Here we are, bright-eyed (me) and bushy-tailed (Josiah):

Before the Start

This was Josiah’s first 10k, so he set a goal of about 50 minutes. I’m pretty comfortable at this distance and set a goal of 46:30. You can check the pictures below to see how we did.

Maybe next time Josiah won’t spend so much time on Wii dancing the night before a race!

May 29 2010

Pictures from the Crazy Rose Lady

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Upon returning from our visit to the Crazy Rose Lady last week, Mugs has asked me to post the pictures of the roses. I kept meaning to get around to it. Today she visited the Crazy Rose Lady again, as well as another rose guy up in Maryland. So here are the pictures from last week’s visit:

May 28 2010

What Happens When Mothers Lecture

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While my eldest child, the absent minded professor, was approaching  the end of the school year, I was repeatedly asking him various questions. “Are you sure you do not have to take a final exam in that class? Have you completed all your assignments? Have you asked your choir director if she needs you there to play for the graduation rehearsal? Is there any miscellaneous paper that you have had in your backpack for weeks that I am supposed to sign?”

Every day, I asked these questions and others in as many ways as I could possibly think of. Josiah started to get miffed at being asked the same questions over and over. I stopped only when he got on the bus for his last day of school. (Josiah’s last day was earlier than some other students. There were still students attending school for another week to take various final exams.)

Later that day, he got off the bus with an irritated look on his face. “I have to go to school tomorrow,” he said. “I have to take a quiz in Spanish.” This statement somewhat provoked my ire, but not as much as the sight of him carrying two large boxes of tissues. He had cleaned out his locker and uncovered the two boxes of tissues I sent with him on the first day of school in August. He was supposed to have given them to his home room teacher.

You may consider my ire unjustified, if you fail to take into account that a year earlier, he had returned from his last day of eight grade with the two rolls of paper towels for his home room teacher that I had given him on the first day of eighth grade.

For tenth grade, I am just going to buy the items requested and place them under my sink for safe keeping. It will eliminate all that bothersome transporting.

I demanded an explanation from him in regards to the Spanish quiz. He replied, “I missed a Spanish quiz last Wednesday and was supposed to make it up during lunch.” He forgot on Thursday. He forgot on Friday. He forgot on Monday. He forgot on Tuesday. He believed he could pull it in under the wire on Wednesday, but when they announced a class meeting during lunch, all memory of the quiz went right out of his head.

Now, two competing bits of advice came into conflict in my mind. The first one says, “Let him feel the consequences of his actions and he’ll change his ways.” The second one says, “When someone you love can’t or won’t change, accept that they never will change, and adjust.”

I understood that making him sit through a day of class review for exams he would not take would be a practical consequence. I also know that it will not make him any less absent minded. (Note to any possible future wife of my son: “If you cannot tolerate an absent minded husband, do not marry Josiah.”)

I drove him to school at lunch time the next day and waited while he took his exam. I put the tissue boxes under the sink for later use and I lectured him endlessly on his forgetfulness.

My past experience has proven that if I am lecturing my children about a particular transgression, I will soon repeat the offense. If I lecture them for careless spills. I will soon carelessly spill. If I lecture them about not being responsible, I will soon do something irresponsible. I should have expected that after lecturing him on forgetfulness, I would soon forget something very important.

Which, of course, I did.

May 24 2010

A Mile and a Half

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Back in January, I attempted to start running. It was a difficult start and continues to be a challenging pursuit. On the first day, I could only run a quarter mile before I had to start walking. I gradually improved my distance to a mile. Unfortunately, I began to have shin pain, so I took a break for two weeks.

I restarted slowly again and was able to gradually increase my distance to a mile and a quarter. I stayed there for quite awhile, because I was often carried away with cross training in gardening.

My friend recommended that at the end of my mile and a quarter, I continue walking for the additional distance I hoped to soon run. I took her advice mostly. I must admit I replaced the exhortation “walk quickly” with “keep walking and don’t pass out.”

This morning, I ran for a mile and a half. I am now almost half way to my goal of being able to run the 5k turkey trot on Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, Zeke and I went out into the backyard to admire the sunflower seedlings growing in the garden. It started to rain, so I told Zeke we needed to run back to the house. He took off at a sprint and I followed at my slow trot. When he realized he had out paced me, he turned around and said, “Mommy, since I’m faster, hold my hand and I’ll help you.” I grabbed hold of his hand and he pulled me along with him.

My husband is also surprisingly supportive of my pursuit. He no longer runs next to me chanting “on your left…sick call…AWOL…can’t be…like me.”

May 19 2010

On The Path To Crazy Rose Lady

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Because the roses are in full bloom here in Virginia, the rose lady, whose garden opens officially May 29th, graciously opened her garden for tours this past Sunday afternoon. I was originally scheduled to do several other things Sunday afternoon. Thankfully, my husband was ever so gracious to handle all those things so that I could walk amongst the roses.

We drove two cars, so Dale and the kids could  stay for a short time and I could stay for a long time. As the other garden visitors walked and sat amongst the roses attempting to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful scene, my kids ran around yelling, screaming, and playing a ridiculous game called ninja where they periodically slapped one another. Dale was playing too. He thinks this is a great game.

For a time, Abby actually looked at the roses and Gabe was very helpful in climbing underneath the thorny bushes to unearth the name of the rose from the tag. After a short while, they left to eat crummy food and endure poor service at IHOP. I stayed with the roses and stayed and stayed and stayed. When the tours officially ended, I was still there.

I had brought with me a 28 page list that I  printed out from the rose lady’s website which lists the more than 600 roses she owns. As I walked along, I would write down words next to the rose name in an attempt to describe some of them. I wrote words such as massive, healthy, fabulous, breathtaking, huge, full, amazing scent, compact, fat blooms, full of buds, love it, fetching, pretty, giant, bright, beautiful, covered in blooms, tall, and wow.

So many unique and wonderful roses of all types antique and modern. There were many roses I had never seen before and many shapes, sizes, and colors that took me by surprise. My first time through, I read the name of each rose and studied the plant. I looked, considered and pondered my way about. Thinking and considering, planning and scheming. Imagining giant structures my husband could build me in the back yard.

The second time through, I took photos, photos, and more photos. Suddenly, time was up and I should have gone, but I wanted to make sure the rose lady remembered to set aside for me two of the roses she had grown from cuttings. When she looked at the little plants, she said I could take them already and gave me instructions on their care. I opened my wallet to pay and realized to my joyful surprise I had enough money for one more rose. The decision on which rose, of course, could not be made quickly and I found myself getting a tour of the greenhouse.

During my earlier hours of walking about, I happened upon a rose guy who informed me of the progression I would soon follow. First, you start out just buying some rose you see at a home improvement store. Next, you begin ordering roses from far away and hunting for the rose you just have to have. After this, you begin taking cuttings and swapping roses with fellow rose lovers. Finally, you find yourself inundated with roses and you know you must start giving roses away because you have way too many.

Unfortunately, I may be on the path to Crazy Rose Lady. Luckily for me, it is a lovely path indeed.