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Dec 24 2009

Holly Jolly Haze

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I greatly admire all organized Christmas participants. They mail their cards on time, bake their cookies, make their candy, buy their gifts, mail packages early, wrap presents, decorate the house, and light the tree. My sister falls into this category of Christmas success and my father praises her peanut brittle.

I do not fall into this category. I do what must be done immediately before it must be done staying up late to accomplish the task. My mom called me at 9pm last night and discovered me baking cookies for the church Christmas Eve cookie exchange. The exchange was originally planned for Saturday, but was snowed out. I had baked peanut butter hershey kiss cookies originally, but they did not survive until Christmas Eve.

I have a general idea as to what I need to do and will suddenly focus on a task at random and it will become my priority for the moment. I do not give Dale much warning and will announce, “I think we should get the tree today and you can put lights on it tomorrow…then you and Gabe can hang the lights on the house.” Other times, I will get stuck on what gift to give to one of the children and illicit Dale’s help. These are moments Dale tries to avoid, but occasionally he cannot escape the endless search for another option which ends in no right answer.

I cannot do my shopping all at once. I have a friend who does all her Christmas shopping on one day. She shops from 8am to 10pm. I could never shop that long. Abby and my mom could, but not me. I usually purchase gifts in the order of when they have to be given: family gifts to be mailed, friends, children, and finally Dale. (Dale is last place, but don’t tell him)

On Tuesday, I had my final list and headed to the shops. The large amount of snow remaining has made parking lots random spot chaos. At the MCX (military department store), they had cleared the parking lot willy nilly. Some aisles could be entered and exited only one way, some aisles  and spaces were filled with snow, and everyone and their brother was driving about. It was madness.

I had a list and it did not include entering the MCX, (I was supposed to be going to the commissary next to it.) but I had a sudden compulsion to join the large crowd headed to the MCX and was funneled in by them. I wandered about consumed by the Holly Jolly.

Eventually, I escaped the MCX with “great gifts I didn’t know I needed”, bought the food I actually needed, and dropped everything at home. I now had three more stores to go. At the first store, I did well sticking to the list. On my way to the second store, Dale called and said, “Zeke needs water proof mittens.” “OK,” I thought, “I’ll just run into this other store not on my list.” From past experience, I should have realized I was at the brink.

There is always an item that is unattainable. Each year it changes and when I begin to look for it, I cannot stop trying to find it. I waste more time looking for it than it is worth. I will search and search throughout a store, looking everywhere and will slowly enter the “Holly Jolly Haze.” All focused thoughts disappear, nothing on the list can be found, and I wander at random in a slow distracted ineffective manner.

It is near impossible to escape the Holly Jolly Haze.  Shopping becomes painful and if someone asks if they can help me find something, I can no longer give them a cohesive answer. Truly, it is best to go home, sleep, and try again another day, but even this simple decision escapes me.

Eventually, I stumbled home fortified by a hot cocoa topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. It didn’t snap me out of the Holly Jolly Haze, but it sure tasted good.

Dec 21 2009

Snowday #2

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We got a few more inches of snow last night and ended up with about 15 inches total. It made shoveling the drive much easier today than yesterday. Yesterday, we work on three different sled runs, two in our backyard and one on the path. Here’s a clip of Abby going down the sled run on the path.

Here are a few more photos of the snow (plus one of Zeke in his cape):

Dec 19 2009


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We got about 12 inches of snow last night. Currently, the National Weather Service has a Blizzard Warning for our area with another 7 to 11 inches of snow accumulation throughout the day.

Here are a few pictures:

And here’s a very short video of the snow:

Dec 18 2009

Exam Week

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Josiah is enduring his first full week of high school exams and has learned the following:

1. “I didn’t think it would be on the test” is a fatal assumption.

2. When you are informed on the bus going to school that you are studying the incorrect review sheet, pull out the correct review sheet and cram as much information into your brain as possible.

3. There is a point in the middle of the week when your brain overloads and you can no longer think clearly. This usually takes place the night before your most difficult exam.

4. You know you and your classmates have experienced equality of  misery when everyone starts complaining upon leaving the exam room. Unfortunately, this is not the last time you will say, “That was the hardest test I’ve ever taken.”

5. After the exam, don’t look back in your notes to see if you got it wrong. It’ll just make your head hurt.

6. Your second wind appears suddenly just prior to the last exam.

7. A backpack is amazingly light when you go home for Christmas break.

Dec 17 2009

Winter Sunrise

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Cold, Still

Winter’s Chill

Early Morn

Dark, Forlorn

Red Surprise

Lights Skies

Shockingly Bold

Beauty Cold