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Apr 28 2013

Looking at Shrubs

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Down in Louisiana on our one clear day, we took a stroll around the American Rose Society Garden in Shreveport. The majority of the roses were not yet in bloom, but being me I enjoyed the stroll none the less.

I felt justified while looking at the health of the rose bushes, because the rose bushes that looked crummy in their garden, looked crummy in my garden and the rose bushes that looked good in their garden, looked good in mine.

“It’s not the gardener, it’s the rose.”

The cousins were not as keen as I was to look at shrubs, plants, and trees. When we started walking, they told my kids, “If we walk fast, maybe they’ll hurry to catch up and we’ll get this over with sooner.

To this my children replied, “You’ve never been to a garden with our mother.”

Apr 23 2013

Down Home

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We traveled down home to Louisiana for Easter, and as always happens when we visit Natchitoches, it was quite memorable.

We arrived with a spring storm of pouring rain and high winds. As my children will attest, when traveling, I spend a lot of time arguing with the GPS. It often wants me to take a route that may be less mileage, but proves not to be less time. When we were 1 1/2 hours away from Natchitoches, in the midst of the pouring rain, the GPS told us to leave the interstate and take the back roads through Kisatchie National Forest and all the little towns. Dale could barely see the road and the wind was howling, so I let the GPS have his way in the hopes we could get south of the storm.

It was a good thing I listened to the GPS. There was so much hail in Shreveport, it looked like it snowed. If we had kept going, we would have driven right into it. (My children insisted I make this public confession that the GPS was right.)

Unfortunately, the storms weren’t done with us after arrival. On Easter Sunday, just as church was finishing, straight line winds came barreling through the town knocking out power. The sound of the mighty rushing wind, reminded me of the description in the book of Acts detailing the arrival of the Holy Spirit. The sound was ferocious.

Unfortunately for my sister-in-law, Adina, our gracious hostess, her house lost power for two days. She had put the ham in the oven before going to church, but had the potatoes and beans ready to cook upon arrival back home. For Easter dinner, we ate ham sandwiches. I love hot ham sandwiches and didn’t mind at all. I thought Easter dinner was quite delicious.

The kids and their Manry cousins kept us entertained with songs played and sung on the battery operated keyboard. The cousins definitely have the Manry clan gift of music. Listening to Christina sing with her daddy brought tears to my eyes. I can still recall Tommy singing with his Mama. It is such a blessed gift to pass down generation to generation.

Another fun part of the Manry Easter celebration was holding week old kittens. Zeke loved them all and it was a good thing they were too young to leave their mama, because I don’t know if I would have gotten out of there without one. The mama cat was not too happy with all the people holding her babies, however. She would grab them up in her mouth and hide them under the bed, the claw foot tub, or in the back of the closet.

No matter where she hid them, Harley always found them and brought them all back out.

Dale’s sister, Tami was able to come up and visit us from Baton Rouge and we had a nice day in the Shreveport rose garden together. Tami’s son, Robert also stopped by on his way back to his duty assignment in Kansas. He and his wife Lisa had just gotten a Catahoula cur and that puppy was full of energy and spots. Robert, with his military bearing and high and tight haircut, has a striking resemblance to my memories of Dale at 25 years old.

Watching Robert, I occasionally did a double take.

In the “What will those Manrys do next?” category, Dale’s daddy has grown out a ponytail. After 75 years of military haircuts, he has decided to let his red hair grow. Dale claims he is now going to grow one out as well. With Josiah soon heading off to college where he will no longer have haircut regulations, he may grow one too. Gabe and Zeke bought coonskin caps to join in on the fun.

Three generations of Manry ponytails. I can’t wait.

Apr 18 2013

You Know You’re In The South When…

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  1. You go to breakfast and there’s an elderly gentleman in a white suit.
  2. People argue passionately about BBQ.
  3. You find yourself saying “I’m gonna fix me a coke”.
  4. At church, the preacher and his wife break out into song…


Apr 13 2013

Time to Climb the Tree

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Our cold, snowy start to spring ended with three days above 80 degrees. All my early spring shrubs rushed to bloom fearing they had missed their big moment. The cherry was glorious for three short days until the heat and a storm blasted off the blossoms. The cherry brings me such joy when it blooms. The day it was at its peak, I sat out on the porch with a friend admiring its beauty.