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Sep 11 2012


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September 11th is here with its sadness.

Loved ones of the murdered mourn.

In Afghanistan, military men and women fight.

The injured and sickened suffer.

Americans everywhere remember in silence.

May 05 2012

Zeke the Rockhound

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Here’s Zeke getting a single:

A few action shots worthy of baseball cards:


Sep 23 2011

God’s Crying Too

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Taps plays slowly

To give you time

To watch the approach

of sorrow


Flag folded


Sorrow presented

In tangible form


Rain pounding down

Upon umbrellas

Drowns out

Words of comfort spoken


Most times

There are no words

Tears from men

And heaven suffice

Jan 22 2011

Baltimore Aquarium Sights and Sounds

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The Big Splash:

The Oohs and Ahs:

Memories of Hanauma Bay: